Thursday, July 31, 2014

Rocking the rocks!

I am getting started on my next project, and boy I did not think it would be as difficult as it has been.  I have been commissioned to make a wedding cake with rock candy as it decoration.  In terquois of all colors, I was thinking no big deal, I'll get on line and search for terquois rock candy, buy a box and be ready to put the cake together!  NOPe!  Not tha simple.  First of all I found out that terquois rock candy does not exists, and it's not easy to find the stuff in stock anywhere right now. So I first needed to figure out if I could dye it myself, my first success!  It is dyeable. Second to find 5-10 pounds of white rock candy, online out of stock everywhere and 5 stores later I was able to get 1 box.  Yep, 1, 5 lb box in all of salt lake valley.  Now that I have the candy it is time to show you how to dye it.  It's not rocket science I promise.  My 5 and 6 year old helped me do it.  

  Start with taking the candy off its strings then smash it up to the size you need for your project,

 put the candy in a zip top bag and put a small, very small dot of paste food color of your choice in the bag and shake around the candy.  Add more color until you reach the desired shade.  

I did 3 different batches so I will have a more verigated look.  It's a nice look with some contrast of color.  
It was a fun project.  So get out there and try something you might think is not possible. You might suprise yourself!